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what type of SSL cert do I need for a Web app? looking at Comodo, there are many options…: -
Comodo SSL Certificate: Buy DV, EV & Wildcard SSL at low price (comodosslstore.com)

You can get an SSL certificate for free from Let’s Encrypt! Anthony’s got a tutorial written up in the GraffitiSuite docs: web:securing [GraffitiSuite Documentation]

If you’re interested in simplifying the whole deployment process (including SSL stuff!) you should check out my app Lifeboat: https://strawberrysw.com/lifeboat

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Hi Tim,

thank you for your reply. I need to ensure the app is secure with liability / warranty over the security as well - I was lead to believe the free route wasn’t such a good idea based on that?

Do you have a specific requirement you need to meet?

As far as encryption the free certificate is the same as one you purchase. The biggest difference is the level of trust, but Let’s Encrypt is trusted by most people’s systems.

I’ll pm you.

For what it’s worth you should also consider the WildCard option as you may likely be using several different 3rd-level domains, and each one needs it’s own cert (but not if you use a WildCard).

In other words, if you want to use MyAppONE.yourdomain.com, MyAppTWO.yourdomain.com, etc. then a WildCard (" *.yourdomain.com ") would have you covered.

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With Lets Encrypt you can get a certificate for your subdomains also and have them auto renew

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Thank you - Tim mentioned the same thing, definitely the route we need to go.