Which release is 64-bit itself?

Looking for the first pre-API 2.0 version that can run on Catalina. Now have 2017r1.

Xojo 2017r3 features: 64-bit IDE on Windows, macOS and Linux

Thanks, Jürg.

Can anyone comment about 2017r3 running on the latest Catalina? Or would I need a newer version because of some bug? I’m trying to see what 3rd party add-ons I may need to update as well, to keep the workflow synchronised.

I would recommend to use 2018r3 at the minimum on macOS Catalina…
2018r3 introduced

  • Incremental Compilation for 64-bit and ARM enables faster debug builds
  • Removal of the debug app is using the native file manager API on macOS and so should be much quicker on all volume types (which should fix the DebugBuilds not getting deleted; Workaround with 2017r3: add an own PreBuild-Script to manually delte a previous DebugBuild)
  • DarkMode support (also meaning: Xojo Framework is using a current macOS SDK)
  • You’ll need the Xojo Framework to use a current macOS SDK if you’re going to CodeSign/Notarize your applications
    If you want to use a “pre API 2” Xojo version, then I’d highly recommend using 2018r4 or 2019r1.1. 2018r3 is the lowest you should use, 2018r4 and 2019r1.1 have fixed some issues related to DarkMode and/or the switch to the up-to-date macOS SDK.

thanks, that’s a superb answer. just what i needed.