Which program to edit sqlite files?

I added the database sqlite when I started my current project from within Xojo, but I seem to have deleted the entree to it later on (I haven’t worked on this project for at least a year, forgot what I did most part…). Is there a way to reconnect it again to Xojo so I can edit and edit fields to the tables?

Or should I use an external editor instead, and if so, which one are you all using?

Use ´Date‘ from the App Store, it is cheap, but the best

I do not understand that. Care to explain what your problem is ?

I mean that I need to edit the database table and files, but have no way now to do that. I created the tables and fields within Xojo before.

i use “DB Browser for SQLite”, its free

I use https://sqlabs.com/sqlitemanager which happens to be built using Xojo itself. Works great for me.

Good luck!

Why not continuing ?

Do you know:
https://www.w3schools.com/sql/ ?

[quote=476164:@Emile Schwarz]Do you know:
https://www.w3schools.com/sql/ ?[/quote]
No, but thanks for the link. I really need to read up on using SQLite. I forgot so much since I stopped using a year ago and worked in FileMaker to finish a project (which I did some days ago after 3 years). Right now I am staring at the code in Xojo I wrote on how to connect and command the database and have only a vague idea what I did. It works, but I don’t know anymore how to edit it. Damn bad memory!

Thanks, I downloaded it.

just drag the sqlite file into your project and it will “reconnect”

yes… I use mine (made with xojo)