Which kind of Linux? Get highlight color

Hi everyone,

i read this post on Kevin Cully’s blog Xojo on Linux. There you can find some screenshots running Xojo on different Linux systems.


Elementary OS

As you can see the custom Boolean property Canvas in the property panel has different background colors (green and blue). I wrote a custom canvas class and wanna fill his background with the system theme color (green in Mint, blue on Elementary etc.). How can I get this color? Looks like this is the highlight color e.g. for Listbox entries or the borders around TextFields…

Maybe someone of Xojo can tell me, how they realized this?!


Yup, that’s highlight color. If you have installed Linux mint, Try change the system theme to for example mint-x-red, you will see that the color now is red.

The Xojo macOS Version isn’t using the highlight color, because it returns a lighter blue then the Listboxes highlight color…looks like another color :confused:

On macOS we use the color given to us by the OS through a declare. There’s either blue or Graphite there.

That sounds nice. Could you please share the macOS declare which returns the current color? Would be cool, if the control could react to the OS preference change Blue <> Graphite.