Which is best for Software/Mobile Apps Development/Website Development: Mac or PC?

I currently use Microsoft Windows, and I’m making a financial commitment to get the ideal machine. My supervisor and my previous I.T. teacher knew I was a self-taught coder when I worked as a computer lab assistant at a high school, and they are urging me to get a MacBook Pro. Does anyone have knowledge or suggestions for this situation?

I reside in Jamaica of the Caribbean.

A MacBook Pro sounds good, for the sole reason that you won’t be able to do mac/ios development in xojo on a windows machine without access to another mac based machine. Mac users will be able to help you with specs and models etc. as I’m a windows person.

Well, a Mac will be allways more expensive than a PC. I bought a pc with better specs tan a MacPro and a cheap used macbook to run remote compilations for less than the New MacPro.

Note that for iOS I use other tool that runs on windows, but if you use xojo for iOS, it will be trickier.

Any current Mac will allow you to develop with Xojo. The more RAM the better.

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I use both platforms and prefer to work on the MacBook Pro. Regarding the performance the M1 MacBook Air of my brother with 16 Gb RAM outperforms my MacBook Pro Intel core i9 with 32 Gb RAM. So I would recommend to get a MacBook Air with M2. The more cores of the pro do not pay out under xojo, but if you also make videos to promote your app or run virtual machines, a pro could be better.

And yes as Beatrix mentioned „the more RAM the better“.


I’m a hardcore Windows user but I do the vast majority of my Xojo development on Mac. It just runs more smoothly there.

You should keep your Windows computer handy for when you need to test on Windows, as current Macs can only run Windows ARM edition in VM’s and there’s no Bootcamp available.

+1 for as much RAM as possible. I bought the completely maxed out 2021 Macbook Pro with 64 GB of RAM and 8TB of storage, and I would still add more RAM and storage if I could. Keep in mind on Macbooks these days, you can’t upgrade later as it’s a SoC and everything is soldered on.


The major part of my career I worked with PC: CP/M, DOS, Windows, OS/2, Windows NT 4.0+. Recently I worked with a MacBook Pro M1 Pro 2021 for 6 months - I had prior experience on Macs. To sum up, this is what fast means, even with Intel Mac software translated to M1. Monterey is a joy to use.

If you can afford a Mac, then pick a Mac. These computers are made to last. If you look for a Windows computer built like Mac, you will find that it will cost the same, except it will run Windows. I have to say I am not a Windows fan anymore.