Which iOS folders can apps save to that users can see?

My app has data reporting and I would like for users to be able to save the reports to a folder that they can then send or use the reports with other apps.

What folders can users see (that I can save the reports to)?

They can see the SpecialFolder.Documents if these two conditions are met:

  • the File Sharing entitlement needs to be activated
  • the users have to connect their mobile device to a computer and open iTunes. They will see the files there.
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The File Sharing entitlement basically opens up app-created files to user inspection while if File Sharing entitlement is not selected then those files are HIDDEN from the user?

Trying to understand this a bit more.

My app creates a database that is encrypted and has a folder containing pics that are used (and are necessary) by the app.

If you want the user to see the files, specialfolder.documents and file share
Files you need and will never amend, could be part of resources.
(SQLLite files wouldnt like being there, even if never actually written to)

Other amendable files you need , but do not want them to see, specialfolder.applicationdata
Other files that can are temporary or not strictly need… specialfolder.temporary
(you should tidy up anything there - but iOS will delete stuff if space is low)


One of the SpecialFolders was involved in a bug report recently… I could not save to that folder with v3. I wonder if that was fixed for the fresh release that was just pushed out?


I think there was some kind of difference between how ApplicationSupport and ApplicationData folders worked. :thinking:

There is no ApplicationData folder that I’m aware of. It’s the SpecialFolder.ApplicationSupport which doesn’t exist on the simulator. I believe there is no problem on the actual devices.

I use this workaround for the simulator in the App.Opening event:

var f as FolderItem = SpecialFolder.ApplicationSupport
if not f.exists then f.createFolder

Good to know.
(I actually use only the Documents myself, so haven’t been hit by that. )

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I’ve been using Documents, too :sweat_smile: