Which ARM Chips are supported?


I was unable to find in the docs which chips are supported for ARM. Can anyone tell me which one(s)? I need to to find an alternative to RPi since their lead times are WAY out there (in some cases > 1 year!).


32-bit ARMv7, I think.
Still may run in 64-bit ARM chips, if you install 32-bit OS.

Really ?? Which ones are leading ??

I used to buy every single 3rd party I could get my hands on but after RPi 4 I have not bothered. The 8 Gig RPi 4 is just awesome.

The RPi 4 uses an ARM V8. Hence the question…

There are long lead times and am having trouble getting parts - otherwise I would not be looking for an alternative.


I have Raspberry PI 4 here with 32-bit RaspberryPi OS and Xojo apps work just fine.

Hi Christian,

Yes, I know they work. I’ve been shipping them since they came out. The problem is getting more! So I need an alternative but not knowing for sure the range of ARM that can be used is causing some issues.


The lead times for Raspberry Pi boards have been very long for about a year now. You may have more luck getting your hands on the older Pis (Pi 3 A+, B and B+), but even they are constrained. Note that the original Pi and Zero are not compatible.

Unofficially, a lot of ARMv7 and v8 Pi-like boards are compatible. People have had luck with Orange Pis and similar devices. You can download a compatibility checker at http://files.xojo.com//Documentation/ARMTest.zip but it needs to run on the device in question, so it may not help in this case.

I used a lot of Orange Pi’s. But their flagship the Orange Pi 4 has not been in their main store for long long time. Even longer than the shortages.

I do not know the reason.

I also got some Nano Pi’s. Their good (if you put Armbian on them) but they always feel a bit expensive (maybe somehow costlier for me to get them location wise than the otherr)

There are a lot of single board computers available. Some are hobby type like Raspberry Pi and Orange Pi, both of which are used in non-hobby environments (such as I use the Raspi in) but due to the shortage and lead times, I am looking to know which ARM chips are supported. We kind of know ARM 7 and ARM 8 are, but there are others.

What about the new Pi Zero 2? From the sketchy documentation I can find (horrid), it says Pi Zero 2 can run ARMv7. I tried it - made a GUI app, real simple with a few buttons etc.compiled, and sent the files over. I ran the file (which says it’s an executable) but the Pi Zero 2 just asks me "what should I run this file with?) like it’s a document.

Any thoughts?

Maybe try and run the program in a terminal by using the following commands:
Sudo chmod +x programName
Sudo ./programName

Edit: fixed grammatical errors, as I am typing on my phone


You are right - actually I didn’t do that, I did Properties and changed the Permissions under Execute (same thing). It works! So I’m very excited, there was Pi Zero specific work I had to do and the v2 Pi Zero works so I can go ahead and change the world. =) BTW, the Pi Zero 2 is very tolerable, whereas the original Zero was just OK and barely tolerable. I’m excited! (no bugs, Xojo! =))

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