Which approach uses less user resources.

Hello everyone .

Could someome tell me which of these two approaches uses less memory on the users end?

So I have this app… I want to walk the user thru a seties of questions and after the last question show them a product and give them information about the same. This will come from a database.

  1. Use a tabbed interface on one window, or
  2. use more than one window and and showing
    and hiding them but keeping them in my memory
    just setting the windows to invisible when not needed.

Hope that makes sense…

Thanks in advance.

You need to test it for yourself, because there’s more to it then just Tabs or Windows.

BTW: Based on your daring description, i’d recommend to use 1 Window, a PagePanel and Containers.


Thanks so much. I will for sure test, but have been leaning towards the tabbed interface.

It will be my first approach and if speedy enough, I will just use it. I only asked because it seemed this was a clear cut case of method used or approach. Thank you for telling me there is more to it. Really appreciate the help…

Memphis TN. USA…