Where's Wally hrmm.. Norman

Not seen any comments from Norman for a while?

I can think of two explanations:
1- he is taking a much deserved vacation
2- he is intensively working on squashing bugs and advancing the work on the next release.

Either one is a good thing.

He’s around, just been really busy lately. The new year is always a busy time for us :slight_smile:

He’s gone dark… We need a proof of life statement from him :)…

if @Dana Brown says he around, he around. Believe me, she keeps track of him (and the others).

I’ve seen some updates to feedback cases from Norman, so he’s alive. Staff has definitely been quieter in the new year, I’m thinking there may have been a company new year’s resolution.

It’s not the first time Xojo staffers have gone quiet here, not as silent as now though. Usually it happens just before a big update to the IDE. I have conversed with Norman via feedback in the last few days, so I know he’s around, just very busy.

But we miss you Norman :slight_smile:

We, the community, should be grateful the engineers are on the forums at all. We have access that many other dev communities don’t. It’s a positive that we have that access but it’s also negative in that, I believe, we tend to beat up on the engineers when they say something we don’t like and I think that turns them off to replying to threads in general.

Come to XDC and see in person :slight_smile:

He’s alivel, I was talking to him just yesterday.

I don’t think he has been this quiet for a decade at least!


When xojo inc makes a decision that we find very problematic/frustrating we tend to argue vocally because we know once in a while we can get them to change their mind. We can and do put a lot of energy into those arguments because we can be passionate about Xojo…

That is one of these things that make this community special…

Ideally the Xojo engineers that post here would not take such arguments personally when we disagree about the choices made, and justifications for them.

It’s not about them personally, but because for us it is a pain point… However being human I know that it can be hard not to react that way sometimes.

If their participation stays way down in the long term, I don’t think it will be a plus… but I also think in the long term losing the passion would not be a plus either.

  • Karen

Unfortunately we put our blood, sweat and tears into the product and the arguments you speak of are very personal to us.

This is the only answer you guys need.
Edit: Wow that sounds condescending. I don’t mean it that way, I mean this statement of Greg’s tells us everything we need to know.

Looking from a developer’s standpoint, my behavior here is quite similar:
When I am not deeply absorbed by a project, I like to visit this place a lot and engage in several threads.
In the other case, only the fact that I have a browser tab to the forum open all the time transmits a hint that I might be still alive.

We know Xojo’s schedule for 2017 had to be skipped, and one of the points was an overhaul of the IDE. I like to imagine it is the fact of Norman being the IDE guy combined with what I stated about my own communication behavior above …

And then there’s the rather emotional aspect that forum members clearly miss Norman’s remarks. If he were not that busy: How about writing a chatbot that throws in a variation of “It will be released when it is being released” in the fitting threads just for these times? :smiley:

Well, could be I miss his fine sense of irony combined with a pinch of sarcasm too …

I was afraid Norman was stuck under several yards of snow without electricity.

Now I suspect it is the fault of Android :wink:

It has been one of the coldest winters in over 20 years all over Canada and parts of the US. But we are still alive. The explanation is therefore probably that big shiny new goodies are on the way.

Can’t wait!

That is, indeed, very unfortunate.