Where to store a bundled binary if submitting to the Mac App Store

The app I’m working on depends on a command-line app that my runs from a Shell. The user doesn’t see this. Currently I copy the binary to the Resources folder with a build step and then get its path (so I can run it) with Xojo.IO.SpecialFolder.GetResource("myCommandApp"). I’m guessing this won’t be allowed if I submit to the Mac App Store so I’m wondering where is the correct place to copy this binary to in a sandboxed app and run it?


Is that the same as Xojo.IO.SpecialFolder.ApplicationSupport? Trying to use the new framework as much as possible.

Also, is it OK to run binaries from within that folder?

Check there:

I cannot help better since each time I tryed to use the new framework, I fall into an iOS page…

Okay; slow your horses…

  1. Correct location is either /Contents/Helpers or /Contents/MacOS.
  2. When you submit your app to the App Store, you’ll have to sambox the Application and at that point you can’t use Shell to launch a nested executable. You’ll need to use NSTask code, either from the Sandbox kit, MBS or some other code.

Thanks Sam.

I hate the Mac App Store…

[quote=339185:@Garry Pettet]Thanks Sam.

I hate the Mac App Store…[/quote]
So do a lot of developers and users even. I would still suggest you try for the App Store, the more places you have your product available for sale, the more chance you have of selling it.