Where to go to find out replacements for depreciated items?

I am looking for a place to find replacements for depreciated items. For example, AbsolutePath for starters. I am just testing the waters of moving from 2019 R1.1 to the latest.

Having a list or reference to replace would be very very helpful.


You probably found this page

The way I did it was the hard way. Paste an item in, find the replacement and …

It looks like you need to know when it was depreciated to use that. I thought and was hoping for an easy solution. Look up on a list in alpha order, or search and get the replacement.

I also thought that with 2021 Rx that there was a tool that was part of anaylize that would tell you it was depreciated, which is does, but also the replacement. It only gives part of the answer… Makes me wonder why I keep renewing! I feared this was going to happen and in a large project I can see a very very painful and costly process to move to the latest…

Unless of course, I am missing something really big and important, which I hope I am! Especially when I get to the web apps I have.


Until recently, when you were searching for (for example)

You get the page with a warning indicating the replacement. But this is no more true for FolderItem.

Maybe using one of the Xojo 2020 with the more informative LR will also help. Check by yourself what Xojo version still have that.

Be a bit more creative:

A click on this icon:

Will report this:

You know what AbsolutePath is, you know it was removed and you need to search in the FolderItem entry that looks actual for a replacement.

Well, you can do a search for the string (Absolute Path) on the page referenced by Arthur Gabhart. You will find: as the third hit:

FolderItem.AbsolutePath (use FolderItem.NativePath instead)

Just do the search using the search function of the browser to find the text anywhere on the page. You do not really have to know when it was deprecated.

The example you have chosen is for a very old Deprecation (2013). Since that time, this has actually been Replaced i.e. it is no longer part of the language at all. Therefore it is no longer found in the current Xojo documentation.

For currently deprecated commands, you can, in general, search for them in the Xojo documentation and find the relevant page. You are then told:

  1. They are deprecated
  2. The replacement is such and such.

https://xojodocs.com/ by @Jeannot_Muller

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Just run the compiler, it will tell you. Make sure that you have the deprecated items warnings turned on, in menubar → Project → Analysis warnings.

Further, if you enter the deprecated item into the search box in Xoo docs, it will take you to the old page for that item, which will tell you what to replace it with.

Go to Project->Analysis Warnings and turn on “Item1 is deprecated. You should use Item2 instead.”

Now you can do Project->Analyze Project. Deprecated items will appear as warnings and will show what the replacement is.

In the case of AbsolutePath, as @Robert_Livingston said, it was removed in 2019r2. Removed items generate compiler warnings and are not listed in the docs.

If you want to see a list of deprecated items for a specific release, you can do it by category. For example, this shows the items deprecated in 2019r2:


Thank you all.
The compiler was not telling me, which is how I got to this point. Thank you Tim and Paul for pointing out the setting that was missing during the Analysis.


I already gave a solution:
for a limited time (time to move to API2), use an older (One of the Xojo 2020 versions, search by yourself the correct version) Xojo WHO have that information.
At this stage, you do not need to compile the application to disk; you only need the IDE.

I took time to search what happens on the current version. I also reboot with High Sierra to be able to fire 2021r1.1 to verify what I had in memory / make teh screen shot.