Where to get auto help when converting web app from 2019 R1.1 to 2022 R1.1

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I decided to try to upgrade a web app from 2019 R1.1 to the current version 2022 R1.1. After spending the better part of a day on initial issues, I find that there are 5000+ errors! I thought there was a conversion too to handle most of this or autohelp that would direct me to replacements etc but I cannot find any such beast.

For example, the old App Event “Close” what is its replacement? I thought there was auto help to tell the user what the replacement is?

Can anyone direct me to resources to perform the upgrade? It appears that a whole re-write may be necessary and that is simply not possible - wayyyy too much time!

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From my experience and what I’ve read on the forum from other people’s experiences moving from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 one should consider a rewrite of the app. Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 are two different animals and should be treated as so.
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Well that really really really SUCKS!

It took the better part of 2 years to write it and refine it to begin with. Cannot afford another 2 years!

Thanks for your reply…

Well, that has being said MANY times in the forum. Xojo did not make a real conversion tool. There are many things that web 2 does NOT have, so you need to rethink your current app and rewrite it with the web2 limitations.

The official guide is this:

The blog is a bit outdated…
Is it advisable to use the v 2020 R1 first, before trying in the latest 2022 R1.1? If so, I may have wasted a whole day… It says that V2020R1.1 “All of the code in events is automatically moved over to the new events when you open your project in 2020r1.” This did not happen in 2022 R1.1.

Is there a recommended path to take when converting?
Is there something that states the replacement events that is searchable? Using the help is not all that helpful :frowning:
Is there a doc that shows what Web 1 has that web 2 does not? Otherwise, starting over I’m in no better place than I am now…

Thanks again for the replys everyone. I suppose it is my turn to fee the burn/frustration that others have written about…


The official is in the blog, the real one is to start with a New proyect and do it all from scratch.

Web1 to Web2, Api1 names to Api2 new keywords, events… LOTS of potential nasty hard to track bugs if converting

Yep, broken promise