Where to download Remote Debugger?

I’ve been running the remote debugger on my Windows laptop from my Mac for many years, and it’s been great. I now have a new Win11 laptop and need to install the remote debugger on it, but can’t find an installer for it on the Xojo site.

Does this mean I need to install the entire Xojo package for windows on the new laptop, just to get the debugger?


Hi John, you can find it in the Extras folder:

I found it, thanks!

It would be great if everything in the Extras folder was available as a separate download from xojo.com, instead of needing to install the entire package.

The reason the stubs are delivered this way is that they’re not always backward compatible

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You shouldn’t have to install Xojo on your Win11 laptop. Just copy the remote debugger install file from your Mac and install that.

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Well, that was a surprise! I never expected to find a Win utility in the Mac download. Thank you for the heads up!

Surely that is where you would find it. After all if I’m developing on a Mac, and want to test on other platforms, I’m gonna need their stubs. Easiest, given that, is to include all stubs.