Where to download libunwind.so.8 and libunwind-x86_64.so.8

Where can I download libunwind.so.8 and libunwind-x86_64.so.8 so I can place them into the Libs folder?

This is for a Linux server,


You want to download and install from your distributions repo


sudo apt-get update sudo apt-update libunwind8

RPM RedHat

yum install libunwind 

That should update your dev machine or web server

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I’m on a Windows box seeking to download these lib files to insert them into the Libs folder so maybe my app will work on my Linux shared hosting.

I’m using Xojo 2018r3.

So if someone could share a downloadable file with those libs in it, that would be great.

Oh I see,

these packages don’t work like that. They need to be installed on the server OS

Is your hosting a VPS with SSH access? or strictly shared?

You could ask support to install?

Someone had posted a workaround whereby installing those lib files in the Libs folder made their WebApps work :confused:

It’s strictly shared – I have two hosting plans and one is GoDaddy and the other is ServerWarp. When I added a second domain name to my hosting plan on ServerWarp my apps broke. Could have been something else but [shrugs]

I want to try DLing the lib files to install in the Libs folder.

I have not seen a work around

I would contact ServerWarp as they have good support

Are you sure it is libunwind causing the error?

You’ll find the workaround here:

Well on my linux CentOS 7 distro the so files are in /user/lib64

Is there a way for you to send me those files?

I’m kinda desperate to try and get my apps to load :’(


Are the libs the same for CentOS, Ubuntu and other Linux flavors? If yes, that’s great, if no, then you need to find the libs for your linux version.

Good question. I will have to check - I do have a Linux box but I doubt it’s the same flavor of OS as my hosting.


Do not think they are so would need to know webserver OS

but i have been wrong before :slight_smile:

@Amy Barnes
I would be happy to but think Alberto’s question is a good one to find answer first

Can you send me the Libs files for your OS? I would like to try those, in case they might work.


Give me a few minutes

Thanks - much appreciated.


Same old 501 error - looks like I will have to try resolving this at the hosting level.

@Amy Barnes

Well it was worth a try

Please let us know if you get it resolved