Where is the WebToolbar editor?

Opening old project and I can’t see the toolbar. Where did the button definitions went?

Could the IDE maybe generate code for opening event to create that toolbar instead of throwing it away?

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Exactly that was one of my questions today… After I opened the frist old webproject with a newer xojo-version…

At launch they said the editor was one of the MANY features not available in the first release…

A few years later the docs still says:

“There is not visual editor for the WebToolbar at this time. You must create using code.”

You know what Geoff have said many many times “we are not changing the user code”… :roll_eyes:

But why open a Web 1 proyect, you are risking lots of code lost and many hidden problems. Better to do a complete rewrite if you really need web2.

It’s things like this that make me want to stick with Web 1.0 even now…

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I should have known that two days earlier. Opening web1 with the actual Xojo Version feels like driving with a tank over my legs…

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