Where is the notch?

How can I determine where is the notch when in landscape orientation?

When in landscape, Apple recommends to respect the safeAreaInsets on both sides.
I don’t think it is possible to know on which side is the notch.

What are you trying to achieve? There might be other solutions depending on the end result.

Thank you for your answer Jeremie.
I just want to use the space, nothing special.

Respect the safe areas. That will automatically avoid both the notch and the home bar, as well as future-proof your design in case those areas change. You can draw decorative content outside the safe area, such as artwork, backgrounds, or whatever.

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I don´t use xojo for iOS, but the sensors should give you the position of the device


How do you know where the safe area is? Is safe area available in the Layout ?

Did you ever get an answer, or find a solution on how to find the safe area?