Where is the Creator Code?

How do I change the creator code from “???” to something valid?

Why do you want to do that? A creator code totally obsolete.

What version of Xojo are you using? I forget when the creator code field was removed from Xojo but it’s been obsolete for a long time anyway. If you’re using an old version of Xojo, just leave it at ???. The creator code (CFBundleSignature) is a relic from Mac days gone by - it basically served the job that file extensions now do, linking documents to applications.

I’ve code-signed the app but it lists the “???” creator code as a deal breaker for Notarization, apparently a necessity for Catalina.

What’s “it”?

I’ve safely ignored the creator code waring for several years. AppWrapper warns me about it every time and I continue to ignore it. :slight_smile:

“It” being the ‘Diagnose’ window.

Thanks to all for answering.