Where is my webApp object?

I looked all over the documentation, but I do not find an answer to this simple question… I do not see the app object anywhere in the IDE. I see everything else. Session, modules, pages, styles, classes. But not the webApp .

screenshot of the IDE here: [url=https://skydrive.live.com/#cid=D2F9E8534D46FE5D&id=D2F9E8534D46FE5D%21267[/url]

Using the XOJO IDE (French) on Windows 7 64, 16GB RAM.

Anyone has an idea where to look for the lost WebApp? Something tells me it is going to be so obvious… but I must ask.



Found it.

For some reason, the WebApp was located in my image folder. I don’t remember dragging it there, but this issue definitely looks like a code 18 … More coffee…