Where is "Lingua"? standalone app download

Some guys write me some times to times to localise my applications in their own language (or another language).
I’m nearly sure that in the past it was possible to download “Lingua” as a standalone application. I don’t find it anymore. I prefer not to ask them to download the entire Xojo developper tool.
Why “Lingua” has been removed?
Can I put it as a standalone download on my website? (Do you mind Xojo team?)

The installers are in the Extras folder in your developer download. You could make that available to them. It did used to be on the Xojo website but you are right I’m not seeing it anymore.

You could download Open Lingua from Thomas Tempelmanns website. I have improved it a bit. The code can be downloaded at Xojo + Alfred .

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Hmm… that seems to require MBS.

The original OpenLingua is available here, but doesn’t have DeepL: GitHub - tempelmann/OpenLingua: A clone of REAL Software's Lingua application for localizing REALbasic apps

There are 3 calls to the MBS plugin:

Thank you for your reply. I will put the Mac and Windows on my website.

FYI, replacing CURLSMBS with my open source RB-libcURL wrapper is easy:

' modified DeeplTranslation.DoCurl method
dim d as new cURLClient
Dim form As New libcURL.MultipartForm
Call form.AddElement("auth_key", "")
break 'insert your API key here
Call form.AddElement("text", TextToTranslate)
Call form.AddElement("target_lang", TargetLanguage) '"DE"
Call form.AddElement("source_lang", "EN") 
Call form.AddElement("tag_handling", "xml")
Call form.AddElement("ignore_tags", literalIndicator)

If d.Post("https://api.deepl.com/v2/translate", form) Then
  Result = ReplaceLineEndings(d.GetDownloadedData, EndOfLine)
  Result = DefineEncoding(Result, Encodings.UTF8)
End If

Also, when I try to run the project in Xojo (2022r2), there is a missing module named “WindowsOS”.


@Andrew_Lambert : great idea. I’ll integrate your library into the project in the next days. Where is WindowsOS located? I can’t find a class/module with this name.

For example, in App.Open:

I would be happy to have 3 builds of this modificated version for Mac INTEL, for Mac ARM (or an universal) and for Windows.

Edit : If we don’t subscribe to the DeeplAPI, Lingua runs as if you Addon wasn’t here?

You don’t have to use Deepl. It’s just an additional button: