Where is everyone located?

Without breaching anyone’s privacy, I was wondering if Xojo had any stats on where the main users for their platform are?

Notably, I’m curious if there’s anyone in my area (I’m about 40km north of Sydney, NSW, Australia). I’m not putting a shout out for everyone to tell me where they are, I’m just curious as to where most people are. But if anyone does want to reach out and say Hi, you’re more than welcome :slight_smile:

The intent of this message was more about if Xojo had a heat map of where their users were located, even if it’s by country or state/province, more-so than city or anything.


Christian has a map of his customers somewhere which mirrors Xojos customers. I’m in Germany not far from Frankfurt/Main.

It is from 2009

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It doesn’t look different nowadays…

I’m in Belgium.

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have the other empty part of this worldmap no internet/www?
is xojo there just too expensive? (no xojo = no mbs)
i count 24 good countrys out of 241.

We have clients in about 78 countries for Xojo.
I could make a new map…


The southern peninsula of Taiwan, where they say the temp is gonna feel like 40˙c/104f today!

And here are my greetings from Switzerland! :wave:



Same here, close to Frankfurt.

Truro, Cornwall. UK

Im in Norfolk (yes with the tractors!) UK

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Munich, Germany

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Somerset, UK

From Kuwait. Most people might not know where this place is. Its in middle east where we have extreme climate. In summer its above 50 degrees and winter below 0 degrees.

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Austin, Texas. One thing you can customize about your profile is your location so you can make it appear when someone clicks on your picture. Try mine for example.

Here is a map for Europe:

Find yourself :slight_smile:


Not sure if I wrote the USA or Venezuelan address when I bought DynaPDF in March. Anyhow, I work from Valencia, Venezuela. Cheers!