Where is Eddie's Electronic's Web demo?

There’s a new blog post about its conversion detailing that it took a day, but I can’t seem to find it in the release? I’ve checked where it used to be in Examples Projects and the new Web folder and I can’t see it, is it hiding somewhere else?

You can find it here https://demos.xojo.com/

Thanks Alyssa but I’m referring to the source code that was included with the last version.

We were fixing some issues with it when we finalized the examples for release so it didn’t make it but we will include it in the next release.

Ah thanks Geoff

While I was searching that as well and saw Geoff’s post , my I ask a stupid question maybe. What’s with the huge fonts and huge controls ? is there a way to make those smaller as default ? Maybe indeed it will help the ones older that have vision problems but most of the people will consider that as wrong and bad.


Most likely you will need a new bootstrap theme.

Other option is override the defaults with your own CSS file but then you need to work with the huge controls in the IDE and smaller ones on your web app.

I guess more likely I will try not to include any web projects in the near future, for me Web is still in Alpha Stage and until I see a proper release it will be out of my calendar.


Disagree. Most web apps these days are using larger more spacious designs. The Web 1.0 version produces very dated looking web applications.


I see the next release is out but I can’t seem to find the Eddie’s Electronic’s Web demo.


That’s my fault. I took over updating that project for 2020r1. There was an issue with the invoices dialog and I didn’t want to remove the dialog so I’ve been waiting for the issue to be resolved before releasing the example. It should be ready for r2. I’m sure that once the issue is resolved I will make it available to everyone on the Testers channel.


What was the issue, maybe we can help you with a workaround?


LOL … made my day. Thanks Julian!

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Maybe for you indeed, based on the nature of the app, I would see a page with 4 huge controls on it and a very long scroll bar for example a waste of time to scroll and add data when you could simply do Command and + / - to adjust your font, I guess. So for me seeing it as similar to 1.0 but with the ability to have all the space you need to organize your layout a good thing rather than a “modern” way as you say it should be . I guess it’s just a matter of taste and usability .

that would be great as I’m sure we will not wait again several months to get R2 to have the examples, but having that in testers side would help a lot , for some at least. or maybe you should have another separate folder let’s say like the one on the site , Extras if I’m not mistaking and have there all the updated ones as they come, or somewhere here on the forum. I’m sure a lot will appreciate that.


Well , I guess we got finally the web part, as usual it has some bugs on the updating the invoice part ,no idea if code or bug but we have a starting point where to look at .

I do see some bugs that were not there before, I guess it’s something related to the framework or maybe to the browser , saving invoices it increases the amounts with crazy numbers, that is 1 , and second , it seems that some times on Safari if the invoices have only 1 record, once you press the Update button on the invoice it disappears, and you need to reload the page to get it back. but not always, I assume that it is browser related and maybe some cache side issue.

Another issue I see , on the Open Invoice part, if you have 1 record inside, if you want to select the record to be edited you get the whole listbox selected and of course you cannot edit anything there so no update as well.

I see a Double Pressed event but unfortunately is more like hit or miss, apparently it works every time on the date site but some times only on invoices or amounts, so I guess still some work in progress.

So far excepting the huge controls it looks interesting let’s say, but I guess I’ll take my words back, still an alpha for me