Where is “DatabaseName”?

In a project, I was reading the SQLiteDatabase properties and found this one (and as you can see, it is empty).

Curious to know why it is empty, I looked in the documentation to no available.

On the other hand, I found occurences of that name as Parameter…

Xojo 2023r1.1

Maybe because the databaseFile is Nil ? What do you expect when there is no database selected?

It’s only in there because its parent has that property, its not used in a SQLiteDatabase as you can’t have multiple databases per connection unlike in ODBCDatabase where it is used. See DatabaseName

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For what it’s worth, setting the DatabaseName is also possible. Handy for debugging if you’re connecting to multiple databases.

but the main function of the database name is when you are adding and removing other database files to your current sqliteDatabase connection

if db.AddDatabase(f, "backupdb") then
    // do backups
end if

I searched in SQLiteDataBase ‘cause I used SQLite and saw that entry in the Debugger…

Thank you all for your answers.