Where does execution start?

What is the equivalent of main() in C? Where should I put what will be my (copious) initialisation code?



App.Constructor happens first. That may not be where you want initialization code though.

The initialisation of my app takes a little while (well, not in human terms, perhaps). But the app has to initialise, and then the window the user sees has to initialise. Trouble is, to do this it needs information from the initialisation of the app.

How can I prevent this race condition? Trouble is, all these open events are overlapping.

I’m assuming you are seeing an actual issue and not just inferring there is an issue…

  1. What specific issue are you seeing?
  2. Where are you doing the initialization?
  3. Are you using timers or threads to do the initialization?

Hmm, false alarm. I shouldn’t be putting any initialisation-dependent code into an open handler (at least, in my case). Sorry for the noise.