Where do you put your files on Mac?

Installing Xojo puts its folder and its sub-folders (plug-ins, etc.) in the main drive’s Application folder. But if you use a bunch of plugins (MonkeyBread, etc.), they have to be moved there too. When you get a new version of Xojo, how do you deal with the updates?

Do you install it with its own version folder, then copy over the plug-ins and maybe other folders/files from the previous one? Then, after a little testing, delete the older version - just drag the older Xojo folder to the trash or use a program like AppDelete?

Or, do you create a Xojo folder outside the Applications folder, and just copy the newly downloaded Xojo app over to it? That is, no need to mess with the plug-ins.

I’m asking where you put the necessary supporting files you use in developing a program - keeping everything inside the Xojo folder, inside the Applications folder, or do you move things out, independent of the Applications folder?

I usually keep a couple of versions in th eApplications folder - I’ve got 2022r3.2 and r4.1. I use no plugins at all not even the Xojo ones (which I move to a folder called “Unused Plugins” so that IDE startup is a bit faster).

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I name the Xojo versions so that I can have multiple Xojos and only one plugin folder:

As for the number of plugins: the more the merrier.


Wouldn’t that be ‘Xoji’? :slight_smile:


Beatrix, I see that plug-ins need to be in the plugins folder. So what do you do when there is a new version of Xojo or a new version of MBS? For a new Xojo, do you move the Plugins folder out, install the new Xojo version, then copy your plugins folder back in? Note that the Xojo update may come with updated plugins.

This isn’t as complex as building an airplane. And heavens that I might be burdened with the task of moving a few files around. But having a clear plan to manage/install updated software allows more focus on “creation”.

And then there’s attention to external files. If everything is in a “projects” folder, that’s one location. But once compiled to a stand-alone, the program may need the ability to find and store the location of its support files (data files the app is reading, like a language dictionary) once released out in the wild.

I keep multiple Xojo versions and one plugin folder. For a new MBS version I just copy the plugins over the existing ones. I don’t use the Xojo plugins.