Where do you list your released apps?

i am just wondering where you list your apps when release?
I just released an app in the IT Security field, and i have it on the Apple App Store and Windows App Store. Are there any other App directories worth submitting it to?

I wrote a blog post about improving exposure for Mac Apps.


If you have a downloadable trial version and a web site, see

They can make sure your app is listed on all the software repositories.


In this modern world you have to proactively promote your product every chance you can. Create a public Facebook or other social media group for it and interact with your customers daily with blogs, news, tutorials and requests for feedback and improvements.
If your feeds are topical and interesting they will be shared and your audience and customer base will grow very quickly.
You can’t just stick your software on an online store and sit on your hands. That stopped working 10 years ago.


Google ads, display + retargeting. Cheaper than search campaigns and better IMO.