Where did the language files go?

I switched from Xojo 2013 to 2016 for my Windows builds, a while back

Instead of Resources I then got “appname resources” and had to change my installer to match.

In Resources I used to see language files ending with .mo, and I could advise my customers how to get ‘english regardless’ by deleting fr.mo or nl.mo etc

In “appname resources”, no such files exist.
I can see “locales” in the LIbs folder, but what I find in the (many) language files there doesn’t seem to be my localisations.

Where have the localisations been put in Windows builds? (32bit)

Are you sure that dynamic is activated for the constants involved?

The issue arises for one German and one Dutch customer who want the app to be in English and my old method of forcing this no longer works.
They are getting the dynamic version

that’s odd.

The .mo files must exist in the resource folder. The only case when they are not there is when there are no constant with the dynamic flag active.

(just tested to be sure)

Turns out the customer had already run the ‘delete language files’ option but then went on to run a different build of the app in a different folder.