Where can I get information about IOExceptions?

I’m trying to write some folderitems with API2. I’m getting an error 63. The message of the exception is empty (wonderful!). The documentation only links to a page with no information. And macOS errors are negative and not positive.

This is a pretty useful site: https://osstatus.com/search/results?platform=all&framework=all&search=63

File name too long (os error 63)

Why does’t the Xojo docs tell me that?

Eh, how long can a filename be on macOS Crapolina? As usual I was doing tests with my spam which I wanted to export to eml.

It depends on the underlying filesystem being accessed. HFS has one limit, FAT another, etc.

APFS seems to have the same limit as HFS+: 255 characters.

Thanks, guys!