Where are the Web Styles?

It looks like x2020r1 removes completely Web Styles. This is pretty bad, all previous projects are completely broken. Don’t understand the logic behind this. Now objects seem to need property styles applied individually instead of by group like in previous versions. Many objects are not capable of rendering properly like before.

I’m having a hard time trying to wrap my head around this new “feature”… anybody else seeing this?

I was just told to read about this here;

Can someone with suitable permissions move this into the Web channel ?
@Greg_O_Lone, @Anthony_Cyphers or someone ?

Not ideal, but you can build a dictionary as a WebStyle and then have a WebUIControl extension method in a module that loops through to add them

Public Sub AddStylesFromDictionary(extends control as WebUIControl, d as Dictionary)
  for i as integer = 0 to d.KeyCount - 1
    control.Style.Value(d.key(i)) = d.Value(d.Key(i))
End Sub


dim myStyle as new Dictionary
myStyle.value("border-top") = "1px solid rgba(162,162,172,1.00)"
myStyle.value("border-left") = "1px solid rgba(0,19,75,1.00)"
myStyle.value("border-bottom") = "1px solid rgba(0,19,75,1.00)"
myStyle.value("border-right") = "1px solid rgba(0,19,75,1.00)"
myStyle.value("background") =  "linear-gradient(to bottom, rgba(128,159,255,1.00) 0%, rgba(0,19,75,1.00) 100%)"


This Workaround if not near to a workaround. I have more than 200 Styles in one medical App. Wich are in more than 1200 positions in the code. Costs me at least 20000 $ to rewrite. But there are other limitations and leaks of functionality. So rewrite is not possible.