Where are the scrollbars?


I have started to put together a web project where I have set the width to 720px and height to 2000px but I dont get any scrollbars to scroll down the page. I have tested on a PC using FF, IE, Chrome and Safari and it is the same on all of them. I am currently using the 2014r1 of Xojo.

Do I have to tell Xojo that I want scrollbars on the web page?



you set minwidth and minheight?

Yes I have them both set at 0, is that wrong?

Set min width to 720 and min height to 2000. This will give you the scroll bar(s).

Man I feel stupid now!! Thanks for your help, why is the obvious sometimes alludes me!!

So if I wanted a page to not have scrollbars is that how you do it, set min width and min height to 0?