Where are the English video tutorials?

I noticed that lots of the video tutorials on the Xojo Documentations sites are in Spanish. Why is this? More importantly though, are there English version of these videos?

There is a spanish guy who does spanish videos. But where did you find those in the Xojo docs?

I only see the Spanish videos, for example here:


How odd. The videos really are in spanish. There are subtitles but these seem to be automatically translated.

Paul LeFebvre (the “fever guy”, because I can never spell his name) has done a lot of webinars. All in english.

[quote=441493:@Beatrix Willius]
Paul Lefebvre has done a lot of webinars. All in english.[/quote]

@André van Haren
You can find the Xojo webinars here: http://developer.xojo.com/webinars

@Paul Lefebvre
Are you adding the 2019 webinars to the webinars page in the near future?

We have over 300 videos on our YouTube page - https://www.youtube.com/user/goxojo

@Paul Sondervan We will be adding more webinars to the calendar soon. This month we decided to bring back to the XojoTalk podcast, if you haven’t heard it yet you can check it out here: https://blog.xojo.com/2019/06/05/xojotalk-034-back-in-black/

For English SQLite videos you can find several like:

The updated webinar page is here:


Here are my Xojo videos in English:

Thank you @Paul Lefebvre

Thanks so much, all! I find learning while watching videos so much easier than reading.

Is there an English video tutorial somewhere that starts creating a database from scratch as in the Spanish video tutorial? I watched some English tutorials, but they go through a file that is alway mostly done. It would be really helpful to see a simple address book kind of project with only 2 tables (customer/products), and how the windows and fields connect to the database and how these two tables are being connected with a foreign key. That is how I learned working in Filemaker at the start and it gave me a good basis for more complex projects later on.

I believe the Using SQLite video shows how to create a DB from scratch.

There are lots of database topics in the User Guide. Here’s the category list of pages:


Yes, that’s a great help. I’m trying to get into Xojo since I bought the mac os build license last week, motivating myself to really start creating something after having the demo version on my computer for a year now without having used it.