Where are compiled plugins cached?

After working on a full set of beta versions of both Xojo and various plugins, I fear I have generated many GBs of compiled plugins. I know that they are cached to speed up subsequence compilations, but where are they cached? I would like to go into the cache folders and clean out those that are no longer useful.

OS ?

Sierra (10.12.6)

check in

and your Temporary items dir but you’ll need to get the path to that on your machine as it varies from machine to machine

Dim f As folderitem = SpecialFolder.Temporary.child("xojo scratch")

delete all the items in those dirs

restarting the mac doesnt it clear the caches and temp folders ?

Temp folders maybe, but the caches, definitely not.

Thanks to the lead provided by Norman, I was able to remove by putting in the trash 1.2 Gbytes of old compiled plugins of no use. Restarting the mac did nothing to remove these, but it does seem to clean up the xojo scratch files.

I would like to see Xojo deleting automatically cache files which are old, e.g. over 30 days old.

Over 30 days old makes no sense
They could be valid for years if you just keep running an old version for a long time and have not updated plugins etc
There’s no good reason to nuke them just because they are old

I love this idea. Norman- is this something that could be implemented without too much trouble? I realize each OS places these in a different location, but you seem to have a general method of finding it.

Norman has a point, I think an “Empty Plugin Cache” function would be better.

Or have the build process (or IDE?) track date last used to build (or run?) a project. Then you could purge things not used in the last xx days. That said, we’re talking a cache here, not deleting the plugins. So having Tim’s idea of an “Empty Plugin Cache” seems fine to me. But quite frankly, I don’t think I’d put feedback points to it either. Especially now that we know which folders to clear.

I’ve had to clear the cache maybe twice in the last 12 years. It’s not worth any effort on Xojo’s part.

I think every application has a responsibility to clean up after itself. Leaving 1.2 Gbytes of useless junk in an obscure location on your computer is not a good practice, and the application should provide help in removing this junk. I would be happy with Christian’s proposal (remove after 30 days) or Tim’s proposal (an Empty Plugin Cache function). Xojo should be part of the solution here and not just force users to do it. Many do not even know these useless files are present.