When will web edition use HTML 5 web sockets?

I think there’s a lot of room for increased performance in Xojo web edition so I was wondering when is it going to be using HTML 5 web sockets?

If coded properly under the Xojo hood this should significantly improve performance because HTML 5 web sockets are much more efficient than polling.

Can someone from Xojo inc. first confirm this is on the roadmap and second give us an idea of when to expect them in web edition and hopefully desktop/console?

Answering those 2 questions will help me figure out if I am going to use web edition to develop different web ideas ‘now’ and then later have the option to recompile my projects making them more efficient and able to handle more users.

Thanks in advance.

There has been plenty of discussion about this. Search the forum for “web sockets” and you will probably find your answer. Yes, it’s a highly desirable feature. But it may still be a bit problematic. And no, they have not given a date and you’re not going to pry one out of them.