When trackpad dies...

Yesterday while I was working on a Xojo app the batteries in my iMac Trackpad finally died. I though I’d continue for a while using an ancient MacMouse, but noticed that several TextAreas in my app weren’t now displaying properly (the background colour was missing and the initial text absent). I tried closing Xojo and restarting; then a computer restart, but things still weren’t restored.
Today I thought I’d try again: still no luck. Then I inserted new Trackpad batteries and reconnected the Trackpad to the iMac: magic! The app was behaving normally again.
But my question is why should this have made any difference?

I have a magic mouse & have had this happen and have never seen it have any such effect

Thanks Norman. Guess I’m just pleased that everything is restored!

No idea, but I’m going with correlation does not imply causation. :slight_smile: