When next Xojo update?

I’m sorry, but I renewed my license on 20th December 2019, today 1st July 2020 no update since that date or before… I understand there is a lot of work around Android but, there is a lot of old bugs to solve that still ignored! I think it’s not a good system to work… I paid 7 months for nothing :frowning:

Please contact me at hello@xojo.com for specific details about your license. We aim for multiple releases a year and 2020 is no different.

Geoff addressed this the other day in another thread and to quote him “Some of you have expressed concerns that we have yet to release a new version of Xojo this year. First, we hear you and it’s always our goal to have regular releases throughout the year. This year has been unusual in so many ways. We have several large features under development and that they are all coming in so close together is atypical to be sure. R1 with Web Framework 2.0 is huge of course and is now nearly feature complete but it has taken longer than we originally anticipated to reach this point. R1 is now in public testing of course so if you have an active license, I encourage you to test it out and provide feedback.”