When did API 2.00 take effect for Web?

I have a customer who bought RubberViewsWE 1.00 (API 1.00) and is experiencing issues with API 2.00 on 2019R3.2.

This will be taken care of in RubberViewsWE 2.00, but it is Web 2.00 and it won’t work on 2019R3.2 because it still Web 1.00.

I went through the release notes, but they are unclear about which version starts using API 2.00, and which version starts using Web 2.00.

If I know that, I can post until which versions RubberViewsWE 1.00 and which versions are necessary for the upcoming RubberViewsWE 2.00.

Web 2.0 was 2020r1 which is when I thought API 2 for web was. I thought 2019r3 was the last Web 1 release and therefore API 1 too. I’m a bit rusty on 2019’s releases as I never used any of them.

The blogpost about API 2 says:
“API 2.0 was introduced with desktop projects but it will be coming to web projects in Web Framework 2.0”

What issues are they seeing?

I ran the test project under 2019R3.2 and it complains Open does not exist as an event handler.

Being in the middle of RubberViewsWE 2.00 development, I don’t feel like spending excess work on a transition version.

IMHO, I think the community will understand that. Hopefully someone else here will have seen that error?

API 2 for web occured on 2020r1
API2 for desktop was on 2019r2

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API2 initial release had Event names renamed… This was reversed in a later release.

Nota: Desktop Controls also have strange Event Names (Pressed instead of Action for example)…


as 2019r1.1 is the last fully API 1.0 IDE.

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