When CubeSQL for Raspberry Pi

I have read two days ago that Valentina Server is now available for Raspberry Pi, I think it’s great news for fans of the RaspPi and I encourage Marco to hurry up to get ready a CubeSQL version for the same platform. I love CubeSQL and RaspPi.

Marco, when you think you release this update?. I cannot wait to use it on Raspberry pi.


I think you should start with IF there’s going to be CubeSQL for Raspberry Pi before asking for the timeframe.

Well back in the day (Raspberry PI 1) they said they wanted to create cubesql for raspi or ARM in this example. Update for cubeSQL on Raspi

But i don’t know what became of this idea / plan.

Last Info 2015: (Comment from the Update by Marco)

August 28, 2015 at 1:47 pm

No I am sorry, cubeSQL for ARM is not yet ready.[/quote]

When I bought CubeSQL license in February, Marco told me:

[quote]Hi Sergio,
cubeSQL is not yet available for Raspberry Pi.
We’ll probably port to that platform in a future update.[/quote]

I figured that with the release of Valentina for Raspberry, Marco could inform us when your update is expected for the same platform.


Valentina is not related to CubeSQL.
Marco (or his colleagues) can decide if and when they do that.

and they might decide not to port cubesql to a pi
seems a very limited niche for a db server on a pi