When are the big discount events?

I’m aware of the Black Friday 20% discount going on now. I seem to remember other discount events that have shown up with even deeper discounts in the past. Correct? If so, do they fall on predictable days or time periods?

Discounts varies on products. Controls from 3rd parties, XDC events, etc. Xojo licenses usually goes 20%, rarely we had 30%, so the current discount is the usual one. It’s uncertain when Xojo decides to do a “virtual clearance sale”. We can’t count on specific dates. I would hope Black Fridays, but even Black Fridays they decided to skip some.

Note that if the next Xojo release is more than 2.4 months (most likely) you are loosing instead of saving by renewing on Black fridak :upside_down_face:

Although this year may be an exception as I believe you need an active Pro or iOS/Mobile license to participate in the Android preview. I may be wrong about that; but that was my understanding.

Yes that is what they said to all and even put that in a forum wide banner.

How is an exception if you are in principle paying to be working as a beta tester QA staff? :thinking:

One thing is to do the testing for the love of the tool, but forcing to pay for it sounds wrong.

A sale may be in spring, in summer, in fall, so basically every season it can happen.
We also have seen sale like on programmers day (256th day of year).

To get automatic access to the beta. They may at their discretion also allow others access; I can’t speak for them in that regard.

Personally, as a developer with some mission critical cross-platform applications that I have absolutely NO desire to port / rewrite in some other tools, I don’t mind keeping a Pro level license active year round even if I do not ship anything using the most current release. I have a vested interest it helping to keep Xojo able to keep mostly insulating me from the moving target of OS changes and requirements.

I don’t expect hobbyist programmers to have the same view, but IMHO it is penny-wise and nickel-foolish to quit supporting the company until there is a release I “need” for mission critical apps. Not that I think a single license by itself provides more than the proverbial “drop in the bucket” when it comes to providing resources. Especially when I do tend to get them when on sale.

But I personally consider it more a cost of doing business and think it is more appropriate to vote with feedback points or other communications when it would cost me much more in lost productivity to rewrite cross-platform apps in some other tooling.


I just took opportunity on the 20% discount. As I have done before :slight_smile:

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I just upgraded to Pro and got the 20% on top of that. Though I see my new Pro license in the Xojo IDE Licenses dtop down menu, I still see the older licenses that don’t expire until next year. I did check the checkboxes for them when applying for the upgrade, so I though they would be expired now. Those licenses are for Desktop and Web.

Hi Ralph,

Those licenses will be cancelled as they were replaced with the new Pro license, which includes a year of updates. Everything went through correctly on your order.

So I assume at some point I won’t see them on the Xojo IDE Licenses list?