What's the schedule for Android?

so Android has been “just around the corner” now for some time. Sort of like fusion.

Is there any actual schedule for release of this? It’s about time for us to make the move to something else and I’d much rather go here than MAUI (using Xamarin now which is, well, not exactly wonderful).

Android is currently in pre-release testing. It is feature complete and we are currently fixing the remaining open issues before putting it into a specific release. If you have a current license you can get access to the current pre-release by contacting hello@xojo.com.

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OK, so what’s that mean for proposed timing of full release? a month, a quarter, a year? What’s the target?


You can see the order in which we expect things to ship on our Roadmap. The list of open issues is going down, you can view the remaining open issues here to give you some idea.

One of the Xojo Engineer’s who is working on Android, Travis Hill, talked about it back in September at our conference. You can watch his presentation here - it’s a great update that shows how Xojo Android works and what to expect.


There is a video on YouTube from Travis about Android:

If you haven’t seen this one yet.

C’mon guys… We all know that the answer is “when it’s done”.

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And I’d say “that’s the problem”. It’s demotivating.

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They are between this

  • ship it as fast as possible
  • let’s fix a few more bugs or add a little feature

And waiting until the number of open bugs goes down a bit more.

So either they disappoint people by delaying longer or by shipping with plenty of bugs.

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Yes, I understand their point. I too would prefer a product with less bugs, should I wait longer. But I have the feeling the Android OS will disappear or become obsolete before Xojo makes it available (that’s a feeling, not a theory).


Personally I like the way it’s being handled. Having a special build for the prerelease version that only does Android means that people who want to live on the bleeding edge can do so… but it also doesn’t prevent the rest of us from getting regular releases.