Whats the killer deal with Catalina?

[quote=456487:@Richard Nicolella]SelectColor can only be used once on Catalina. The second time the app will blink out of existence.

I entered a Feedback case on August 3, 2019. The Catalina GM is out today and it still crashes. My app uses SelectColor heavily and will now be worthless in Catalina.

Can anyone suggest a workaound?[/quote]
This issue has been fixed in the next version of Xojo. If you need something sooner, you’ll need to use declares.

And what would those declares be?

I’m on vacation for the next couple of days, but I’m sure you can find something in MacOSLib or somewhere here on the forum.

In the mean time, please push up a report to Apple. This should not happen, and while I know Xojo has fixed it in the next update, they shouldn’t have had to fix it.

the old color picker API was synchronous
the new color picker API provided by the OS isnt as far as I know

EDIT : see https://developer.apple.com/documentation/appkit/nscolorpanel?language=objc

A bunch of possible posts aer relevant
some are mentioned in https://forum.xojo.com/conversation/post/297140
or just use the MBS plugins :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a lot of work involved to handle the async color picker, my honest advice to you is to wait for the next Xojo release.

If you have customers who install the Catalina GM and complain, simply tell them that the Sync color picker was broken by Apple in this release and that you’re working on finding an alternative method.

I would imagine that most of the people who upgrade today are either, somewhat prepared for stuff to be broken, or are in for a nasty surprise.

“Look Ma, I run Catalina !”

Thanks, Sam. I did push out a bug report to Apple, last night with a sample app. Maybe they can fix it tonight. :wink:

@Sam Rowlands:

Why do you think so? Users know that their old apps won’t work. Except that there wasn’t anything in the press coverage that said anything about problems.

@Richard Nicolella :

Crapolina is the first version of macOS where I got almost no reaction to my bug reports. In former times the bugs were at least closed “duplicate”. Now: nothing. Some were fixed but without any type of communication like “bug is fixed in beta xxx and you can test it”.

At any rate, users who run Catalina should know that some apps won’t run without rough edges.

Automatic updates, or push notifications telling users of the NEW shiny OS update.

This can be so, but you cannot be sure - even if they squash the bug - that it will be rolled in the initial release (nor in dot release).

We do not know (nor understand) why a bug is squashed or not (IMHO: a bug can stay for years or removed for the next release as soon as it was discovered…)

In short: never been an early adopter (nor for the main/master release, nor for the dot release *).

  • And we never know when this will happens, but experience from as far as 10.2, never install the last dot release for the master one: it holds stuff that will appears in the next master release and you may not like that.

In fact, past experience explain why I am stuck with El Capitan. I think I will update in a more recent version ony when I will be forced to do it (crash of the current hardware / the new laptop runs only on the current OS version).
Looks strange, isn’t it ?

Yes, Catalina is still in beta, so we are not supposed to have apps for it already.

Crapolina is coming soon, though.

So… Beatrix… could you tell us how you really feel? :slight_smile:

I don’t have a compatible machine to play with this on, so I am relying on the insights of others at the moment.
So I assume that for the most part, the recent GM release is not much better than the previous few betas? Which if true does not bode well for the Public Release, since a GM is supposed to be that candidate

a) I had a user last week where the applications folder was nil, then it was not nil. I had to add back a workaround. That was beta 9 I think.

b) Bugs still get fixed as usual. But there is no communication anymore. In former times my bug reports got closed as duplicate - usually. Then I got informed that the duplicate bug was fixed. This time the bugs just sit around until I notice that they are fixed. And the number of bugs was much higher.

[quote=456513:@Sam Rowlands]
I would imagine that most of the people who upgrade today are either, somewhat prepared for stuff to be broken, or are in for a nasty surprise.[/quote]
Mac users are often “Upgrade first. Ask questions later” kinds of users

@Rick Araujo: the kudos go to Sam Rowlands. A user said “Mac Vista”.