What's the best way to create a step-by-step ('Wizard' style) UI?

I’d like to build a UI that walks the user through multiple steps easily in a manner similar to a windows installation wizard - the user fills out whatever content is currently on the screen, clicks ‘Next’, and then their input is validated and they’re either told to correct it or brought to the next page.

I’m not clear on how to design a multi-page UI with this sort of logic in Xojo - I assume it’s something along the lines of designing each page as some sort of “Panel” UI component that I then swap out dynamically in my Window, but as I’m new to the platform I don’t see how this can be done.

Any tips?

The PagePanel control would work well for this. Put a Next button on each page and have it switch to the next page you want to display.


Thank you, I dragged it in prior to asking this but I assumed the pagination buttons it displayed would also be present at Runtime, which it looks like they aren’t.

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I did this a long time ago with a PagePanel. The pagination buttons are there so you can access and edit the controls on each “page”.

I more recently did apps like this for iOS where you just change the current view to the next one in the sequence. PushTo doesn’t work because you usually don’t want the user to go back to a previous view.

No, and the docs say so. You need to add your own buttons.