Whats the best way - console to communicate and act synchronously?

Hello all.

I have a main app that on occassion needs to have an object send an email, SMS or other update to one or more addresses. My question is, if I want synchronous communication, so that the main app is not waiting for the other app to finish, how is that accomplished? I understand that normally an IPC Socket is used, but when the main sends a command via the IPC Socket does it sit as a variable and use a timer to execute, or does it just execute? It seems to me that a timer is necessary so the communication loop is completed thereby allowing the synchronous communication to exist. Am I correct?

Alternatively, is it better for the other app to periodically read a database or other means, to check for a flag/data to send xyz info in abc manner?

Thoughts, opinions and guidance are appreciated!
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Actually what you’re describing is Asynchronous communication.

What you do is set the Mode to 1 and implement the events of the Shell class.

Whooops… My bad Greg!

Where is it that you set Mode = 1? Is there a sample I should review?
Thank you for your response!


Either in the inspector or in code.