What version of Xojo was a project saved in?

Is it possible to determine what version of the IDE was used to save a project?

I need to revert from 2016r1 to something earlier. I would like to look at backups of my binary projects and use the latest version that it was saved with. If I take a 2016 file and open it in 2015 it says data loss is possible. I’m willing to just loose the work I did and 2016 and revert to an earlier version but want to use the version it was saved in.


Going from 2016r1 to 2015r4 or 4.1 is pretty safe
You’d lose settings that are specific to 2016r1 which is a small set

With a text project or XML you can just open the text file and read it
Binary is more difficult

Be sure to file feedback over the issues that are causing you to go back as, eventually, you’ll need to use newer versions of Xojo

[quote=259632:@Joseph Evert]Is it possible to determine what version of the IDE was used to save a project?

Yes: MBS QuickLook Plugin (free)

Only for OS X, not for Windows.

See if this works for you ( only ever run on Win - drag and drop ):


You could try: http://www.tempel.org/Arbed

It will show you all sorts of information about a project file, including the version of the IDE used to save it.

Also, after you save a copy of the project using an older IDE version, you can use Arbed to compare the two projects to see what exactly is being lost (if anything) in the IDE change.

Although Arbed is paid software, all of this you can do for free without having to purchase an Arbed license.

I am not sure if I understand the question correctly.

I save binary project file from 2015r1 and 2016r1 to check. Both binary project files show the version of the Xojo used. Actually, all project file types do show the Xojo version when opened in Notepad.