What to say to your customers when dealing with a Xojo bug

Curious how the experienced pros handle the situation where a bug gets introduced by Xojo that your customers report to you. Do you (1) own it and say, “There is a bug in our program, we are working on a fix …” or do you (2) say, “A bug was introduced in the Framework, we are working on addressing it …”?

For the customer, it’s your fault.
So you say you look into fixing this.
Sometimes, we can workaround, e.g. by using older Xojo version, latest beta, a plugin or something else.

How would you feel if your car stops working and the dealer says ‘it’s a bug from the carburetor maker’ ?

Tell the customer you are sorry, assure him it is not his fault, thank him for his report, and tell him the fix will be at his disposal ASAP. NEVER, EVER use the word ‘bug’. Then scramble to fetch an older version of Xojo that does not have the bug or rush here to find a workaround.

When some are screaming and yelling to get the latest version, makes me wonder if they realize it is often better to have good cooking in an old pot, than TV dinners in a brand new microwave…

I tell my customers that the bug (of course, I use bug - customers aren’t stupid) that the fix of the problem is not under my control. For a Xojo bug it’s always possible to find a workaround (thanks to MBS). But sometimes there are problems with Mac OS or the database. Always be transparent is my motto. It’s not necessary to be creative with customers.

Sorry, but customers are often not that bright. Some are even quite stupid, testimonies abound. The word bug may not mean much for us, for uneducated users it sounds like ‘cancer’.

I don’t know how you sell your software, but my customers can get a refund if they do not trust the issue can be resolved immediately, would that be on my site, in the Mac App Store or the Windows Store. If I go ‘bug’, it’s like saying ‘this car is breaking down, but don’t worry’. Seconds later, refund request !

I just tell me customer that we’re working on it… I’ll prepare an e-mail template for when Yosemite is release to the public.

Dear Customer,
We’re working on it.

I was in this situation a few months ago… not Xojo
A software update broke two of my applications, luckily it was something I could compensate for and had it fixed in a matter of hours.
It felt awkward telling people it wasn’t my fault, but like Beatrix said people did refer to it as bug… its a bit obvious if it was ok with version 1115 and broken in 1130
I guess it depends on who the customers are, I’m a beta tester for a commercial renderer and 95% of people are understanding, they like the truth, and happy to wait… you just NEVER commit to a timeframe!
My apps are freeware so most people are happy that I still maintain them and update them when its needed or like at the moment a major rebuild

I just got put in a similar situation… turns out an app (written in RealStudio about 3 years ago)
works just fine under Yosemite in evaluation mode, but the instant they buy and apply the license code.
Or if the user has a licensed copy, and upgrades to Yosemite.

it stops working … I know the reason, but due to other factors it will take me months to get it back online.

Since I am in the middle of a CARBON to COCOA conversion on it, etc… etc… etc…

Internally : “Oh ^&&”
To customer: Thanks for letting me know. Give me a day to look into it.

Followed by me reverting to a Xojo that worked, or finding a workaround in code.
I know Im not typical, but I provide a workaround within a couple of days AND I send a refund, to thank the finder.

Not a bug, but I had exactly that issue when I moved to Xojo 2014, and it killed compatibility with 10.6 OSX