What should I expect of the Xojo Cache?

I started having frequent crashes when making a simple change to code (e.g., assigning a Style to a control) and hitting Run. I then noticed people talking about clearing the Cache to handle that. So I just did that and, so far, no crashes when doing the above. So I have a couple questions about the Xojo Cache.

  1. I see the Cache location that gets filled when I Run code, is ~/Library/Caches/Xojo. But I also notice that when the IDE exits cleanly, the Projects folder is still filled with the most recently created code file. I thought that folder should be cleared on a clean exit. Is it just certain temporary code that’s supposed to be cleared on exit? I’m thinking that caches remains unchanged until the Xojo build process sees a need to update this or that file in the folder.

  2. I see I have XojoTemp as the folder in Preferences where Building stores unsaved apps. I think I changed that from whatever the default was a long time ago at the suggestion of someone in the forum, as a way to deal with aborted Builds. However, that folder is always empty, and only ~/Library/Caches/Xojo ever fills when running Run. Is that Preferences setting ignored now?

Nothing good. I want Xojo to remove that … feature !

And any other feature that store my work on my back.

All of these are working wrong…

The project works fine when I left my local McDonald’s and stop working when I am back home: why ? Read the above. Unless Xojo calls home in my back (it does) and do nasty things (I cannot believe that; and illegal in France) ?

Usually, when people suspect strange things, I advice to clear the Xojo Cache folder and some other things.

FWIW: last time (around Black Friday 2017) I had a problem, I also cleared the Xojo Web license page, trashed the Xojo folder (where the LR DB file resides), clears the trash, power off and reboot in plane mode. Results: the trouble goes away (momentarily).

I never had anything like that with REALbasir nor Real Studio (or never noticed).

I forgot to mention that I have an alias to the Xojo Cache folder in each of my projects folder, so I can clear it as soo as I need it.