What’s New in MBS & Xojo 2022 from Christian Schmitz

What’s New in MBS & Xojo 2022 from Christian Schmitz - Watch Now

Christian shows you what’s new in MBS Xojo Plugins for 2021/2022. Monkeybread Software is one of the most respected names in the Xojo community and offers a variety of plugins.

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Any questions for my presentation?

Hi Christian.

Nice presentation. Thank you very much.

Any plan to develop an Apache Kafka plugin?


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No questions for now (I know where to find you :slight_smile: ). Thank you for the presentation.

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Thank you.

Sorry, no. maybe someday if a client orders it.

Hi Christian, are there plans for an AdMob plugin for iOS?

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Can DynaPDF extract the PDF text as formatted text, or just as plain text?

I would definitely use that plug-in!


When you use the parser functions, you get to know which font was used including style attributes like bold and italic.
See DynaPDFParseInterfaceMBS class. You may See a SetFont event before a ShowText.

I could look into making a plugin. But for that it would have been helpful to know about the Android plugin support as that one may go cross platform.

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I didn’t talk in the video about upcoming features and we got something new to be available with next pre-release.
So there is a new plugin part coming with a few new classes. Already listed in documentation as of today.
Did someone notice?