What kind of hosting use with XOJO and OVH

I live in France and I would like to know if the OVH servers are compatible with the XOJO WEB APP. If so, what type of hosting to use?

Thanks in advance

At OVH you can get either a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or a dedicated server to host your Xojo Web apps. I might suggest using AWS Lightsail if you’re interested in saving on cost (I never thought I’d write that sentence).

Managing your own server for Xojo Web apps can be a bit involved, so I built an app to help deploy Xojo Web apps to Linux servers. Check out Lifeboat to help deploy your apps (and set up regular websites too!)

Documentation for deploying Xojo Web manually:
Deployment Overview
Deployment Details
Deploying Web Apps on Linux

If you’re interested in the Lifeboat approach, I’ve made a video showing how to get a Web App running on your Linux server in less than 5 minutes. This video is for Lightsail, there’s another for Digital Ocean; but the vendor specific setup is a very small portion.

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I used to have a VPS at OVH to host my web app.
Unfortunately I don’t trust OVH anymore, the manager interface is slow and difficult to use.
Their managed MYSQL databases were unreliable too.

I am now using digitalocean and much happier.

I use OVH going fine, dedicated servers and vps with lifeboat to upload, no problemo :slight_smile:

AWS Lightsail @ US$3.50 per month is amazing with 1TB of data transfer.

This makes you life 1000X easier.


I have subscribed to a VPS subscription. Access is made without difficulty.
The first problem consisted in installing the libunwind library which is not in the base distribution.

==> sudo apt-get install libunwind-dev

if that doesn’t work directly update the source lists and add contrib after main
nano /etc/apt/sources.list

deb http://deb.debian.org/debian bullseye main contrib

We then manage to initialize the web application but we are faced with a new problem:

The server could not be started. Please check to see if port 1 is already in use.

Do you have any ideas ?

On the VPS run this command to show which ports are listening and which process is listening on those ports:

ss -tlnp

Your Web app needs to run on a free port. Any port below 1024 cannot be used by ‘normal’ non-root users.