what kind of apps can i create here

I Just would like to know if i can create an app here like a shopping app or a bank app

In terms of customer reach, Xojo Inc. is still working on compiling to Android native apps - at the moment there’s Windows, Mac, IOS and ARMv8. There may be more about Android at the Xojo conference on Wednesday I don’t know. This means for Android-based customers you would need to use Xojo Web for now.

How cost-effective Xojo Web would be depends on how much per transaction you make from your customers. If you just want Web shopping where the majority of people are just browsing, then maybe Xojo isn’t the right tool as its geared for building Web apps not Web sites. There are lots of out-of-the-box shopping site builders out there if all you want is a basic online shopping experience.

As for banking back-ends, you would need to think about data security, scalability, reliability and concurrency. Those are very big issues which open source databases may not be good enough for at scale. This is where the likes of Oracle make their money and big money too.

In conclusion, at this time, Xojo may be a great tool to create a highly-targeted boutique offering for a particular market segment. (But when Android compilation comes it will be a game-changer.) But you would also need some of the third party libraries (e.g. MonkeyBread) and database to help.

You can create any kind of apps, BUT, that doesnt meant that it is the best option.

For a little store with a couple of items is ok, but as Eric says, for Web shopping where the majority of people are just browsing, xojo is not the a good option.

For a bank app, the web framework is outdated and the fact that xojo apps run on a single core, make them too limited to any big app, both for a web page and for a back end.

I haven’t seen too many bank apps that Xojo couldn’t easily match in terms of U.I. sophistication.

Single core should scale nicely if you use auto-scaling in AWS or Docker Swarm with stateless connections to the mid tier - far better than a traditional client/server app.

This is a question that this forum really cannot answer… perhaps

  • What kind of APP can I IMAGINE?
  • What kind of APP do I have the skillsets to create?

Those are better questions, but again questions we cannot answer for you.

Just because you own a hammer and a saw doesnt’ make you a carpenter. But a trained carpenter can build what ever he/she can imagine. So it is with programming (fyi I hate the term “coding”)

Well, all the apps I use have better U.I. sophistication than the Xojo web framework, but, I was talking more about the internals, like the http 1.0 from 1996

Sure, a trained carpenter can make anithing with a hammer and a saw. But it is not the same working weeks that way instead of working hours and with better quality using specialized tools.

You can create pretty much whatever you can imagine

I have a “dashboard” app I wrote for a customer. it polls a few APIs for some “numbers” and originally I was just going to have a bunch of variables (properties in Xojo) with the data, and display the dashboard from that. then I asked myself why? I switched to an “in memory” database and the dashboard is lightning fast. since I know the amount of items that the app has to keep track of is fairly small (100 rows max in the database with ~8 fields including the UID, last updated and my security hash fields) there was no reason to put this data on disk. especially since it only takes about 30 seconds for it to pull all the first pass data from API after launch.

so as @Norman Palardy and @Dave S have said, it is all limited to your imagination and coding ability,

good luck!