What is the EndOfLine value on OS X 10.8.5 ?

I had troubles with the end of line character (in some text files) and fired Xojo to make a translator.

Once I understoud that the TextEdit used End Of Line character is \u8232, (why ?) I’ve made a ReplaceAll line and it was good (using EndOfLine as a replacement character).

What was my surprise to see that, on OS X 10.8.5, here, Xojo EndOfLine character is $0A (Line Feed).

However, it fits my needs.

BTW: I used EndOfLine (nothing else)

When opening a file use ReplaceLineEndings and it’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

From the docs:

Thank you for your answers.


if you know / can answer: did ReplaceLineEndings been added because of this trouble ?

BTW: it does what you wrote !

More thanks !!!