What is the cause of a plugin "...not supported for Windows." error?

While running in the debugger (or building) I just started getting the following error:

Plugin “MBS Xojo Cocoa Plugin.xojo_plugin:29” is not supported for Windows

I can cross-compile on the Mac side and the built app seems to work fine, but because of (https://xojo.com/issue/33127)>]this issue I actually need to compile in Windows for the windows build to appear correctly. For the distributed application I’m using Xojo 2016r1.1 and MBS 16.1 (so no betas) and am sticking with 32-bit on both Mac and Win for now.

Any ideas?

If you compile for 64bit you need to remove the 32bit plugins I think (I’m not sure about that).
Then clear all caches (Xojo project cache and the plugin cache). And you might need to reboot after that.

Please make sure you have recent plugins.

16.1 should work. But you can of course clear caches and install 16.2pr10.

So clearing the cache seemed to work. I can now load, run and build the application in Windows. The built application runs perfectly fine in the 64-bit version of Win7 but in the 32-bit version it refuses to launch with the following error:

“The program can’t start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-Il-1-0.dll is missing from your computer”

This was built using Xojo 2016R1.1 and MBS v16.1 on a 64-bit install of Win7 and tested on a freshly installed 32-bit version of Win 7 (after complaints from customers). The build option was set to 32-bit. I haven’t tried installing Xojo on the new 32-bit virtual machine and compiling there, but this was never a problem in the past.

Additional insight?

you need to install the Visual Studio 2015 runtime.
The installer is in the Xojo extras folder.

On the customer’s computer or mine? Or both?

Installing now…

on both!

Thanks Christian. Well that’s going to make my installer significantly larger…