What is the best way to display a logo on a window?

Can anyone suggest a best way to display a logo on a destop app’s Window? Using RS2012 R2.1. I tried an image well, but that leaves a 3d imprint, and a border that I cannot seem to get rid of.

I have tried a Canvas as well, and following the docs:
“To simply draw a picture in a Canvas, use this code in the Paint event:
g.DrawPicture(PictureAddedToProject, 0, 0)”

But that did not work - DrawPicture does not exist - maybe it is Xojo only…

Can anyone suggest the best way to do this?

Thank you,

in the PAINT event of a CANVAS put that exact code

g.DrawPicture PictureAddedToProject, 0, 0

works perfectly… and this has been a feature since at least RealBasic 2007 (can’t comment on earlier than that, as it was the first version I used)

You have of course added a PICTURE to your project and replaced PictureAddedToProject with the name of your picture? Note that Xojo might have changed the name!

Note #2:
It is better to add a Nil check like this

If PictureAddedToProject <> Nil Then
g.DrawPicture PictureAddedToProject, 0, 0
End If

Do not forget note #1 (from Markus).

Which platforms are your targeting and do you want Retina or not?

The ImageWell is more flexible on the Mac, with a line of code you can remove the border. I don’t know if it can be done on Windows. If you’re after Retina compatibility an ImageWell is pretty much a fit and forget solution.

But if you want to target x-plat, then I would suggest rolling your own via a canvas (which you’ve already started).

Thanks for the feedback everyone!
The picture had been added to the project. What I did, was actually pretty silly! I left off part of the code - “g.” So instead of writing it as it should have been g.DrawPicture PictureAddedToProject, 0, 0 I wrote the line “Me.DrawPicture PictureAddedToProject, 0, 0”

Seems too, from the posts here, that there are several other considerations to be taken - especially to optimize the view quality. My app is x platform, and I just wanted to pretty it up a bit. However, that can backfire too if the image quality is poor - Retina…

Thanks again to all